★Home visit for foreign students★
~Participants Wanted~

Recruitment was closed

NIMIC plans the "home visit" by which everyone of a student studying abroad can interchange happily with a local home.
The students from abroad who participates in this event is recruited.

Date:June 19, 2016,Sun. 11:00am to 5:00pm

Application deadline:May 13, 2016,Fri.

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Now Recruiting Participants to Support Program for Foreigners and Home Helpers
with or preparing for Second Grade Qualification

Why not join the Home-Helper seminars that will help you to be
a better communicator as a home helper?
A series of eight seminars will be starting soon, free-of-charge, for those who have the qualification of the home-helper Grade Two but have not found any work in this field yet, and for those who already have work and also want to improve their communication skill levels.

まいしゅうきんようび ごぜんじゅうじ~じゅうにじ



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